“This English Language Pronunciation Course has assisted me in developing solid listening and speaking skills which are vital in effective communication. I am happy to announce that I obtained an IELTS overall score of 8.5, scoring a 9 for listening and 8.5 for speaking.” Chinyee  (Malaysia)  Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University

“The Australian Accent And Pronunciation course was extremely beneficial. Every time I talk especially to International students, they all get surprised that I can speak English very well. Sue will always be an ongoing inspiring person who opened a door for my future career.” Yoko (Japan) Master of Professional Accounting, Deakin University

“This course has totally changed my world” Zahida, (India) Master Degree Student, Monash University

“Being taught how to communicate clearly in English, particularly on the phone, is one of the hardest skills to acquire. It is one of the best investments I have made for my education.” Lisebeth (Mauritius)  Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University

“I would strongly recommend international students to undertake this course.  It is important to build up our English language skills to compete with local students.” Sawi (Sri Lanka) Master of International Finance/Master of Professional Accounting, Deakin University

Our services are designed to enable our clients to speak English more clearly, confidently and appropriately when applying for positions and/or working in an Australia workplace. They also improve our clients’ ability to listen to and understand spoken English.

English Pronunciation Training for Individuals

To begin a program, a thorough assessment is undertaken to establish the individual English pronunciation requirements of each client. A customised program is then prepared where clients are taught how to pronounce all of the English Phonics they need to learn and/or correct in order for them to develop clear and effective communication with their peers, patients, clients and/or colleagues.

Throughout the program, attention is given to the development of clear and correct industry-specific and general vocabulary. Mispronunciations identified are corrected and also recorded on Audio Files after each session. These are provided to each client to ensure they can be incorporated into their weekly practice and use. This enables clients to correct errors in their speech efficiently and effectively.

Effective communication skills such as the use of appropriate speed of speech, tone, voice projection, sentence stress and pausing are addressed for clients working in the Health, Education and other Business sectors.

For students and clients who are looking for employment, the cost per hour is $90 + gst. The training usually consists of between 5 to10 one or two hour sessions depending on the age and country of origin of the client. All handouts and Audio Files are inclusive of the hourly rate.

For Corporate Clients, the cost per hour is $120 + gst. A concise written report is provided of the assessment undertaken at the commencement of the training and periodic verbal reports are provided throughout and at the conclusion of the training. A program usually consists of 10 x 2 hour sessions. All handouts and Audio Files are inclusive of the hourly rate.

English Pronunciation & Professional Readiness Courses for International Students

Australian Accent and Pronunciation has provided English Pronunciation and Professional Readiness Courses to International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students since 2008. To improve a student’s chances of employment after graduation, a ten week course has been designed to provide international students with the language skills to effectively interact with lecturers and tutors throughout their courses, and supervisors during periods of professional work placements or internships. The Course also provides International Students with the language skills to effectively interact with peers or colleagues in a workplace by focusing on the development of professional language use and behaviour including appropriate language; cultural awareness and clear pronunciation.

The Outcomes

At the conclusion of the English Pronunciation and Professional Readiness Course, the students should have:

       • gained the confidence and ability to speak English more clearly and effectively

       • improved their capacity to listen and comprehend the lecturers/tutors throughout their course and

         supervisors during periods of professional work experience placements;

       • developed effective listening and speaking skills via the telephone

       • improved their IELTS Speaking Test Scores. (Students who are achieving a Credit or Distinction

         average, can achieve a Band score of between 7.0 and 8.5)

       • increased their ability and enhanced their skills required for Interview situations to assist them with

         securing Internships, entry into Graduate Programs and/or employment

       • develop cross-cultural competency with knowledge and skills of the Australian workplace and culture

There is to be a Maximum of 20 students in a program.
The Course will be held on the same day each week over a 10 week period. Each session will be 2 ½ hours duration.
The cost per student in the 10 week English Pronunciation and Professional Readiness Course is $550.00 + gst.