“Peninsula Health has benefited from the services of Australian Accent and Pronunciation over the last seven years. Their staff have assisted our International Medical Graduates to refine their pronunciation and comprehension, ably responding to individual difficulties and linguistic differences and accommodating the provision of their services around the busy professional lives of these doctors. Feedback from their service has been detailed, timely and informative and, through such feedback, have given Peninsula Health an understanding of the huge task facing these employees. And outcomes have been achieved ! We recommend Australian Accent and Pronunciation to other people and organisations requiring such assistance.” Sarah Hawkins, Medical Education Officer, Peninsula Health

People gain much of their education, information and understanding of the professional disciplines and life experiences through speaking and listening.  Many people who speak English as a Second Language have highly developed English reading and writing skills.  However, their difficulty in speaking and understanding spoken English disguises their abilities.

Effective communication is critical to both personal and business success. If you speak English as a Second Language, poor pronunciation may prevent effective communication.  For many people, the poor pronunciation of their English causes problems communicating with employers, clients, colleagues and members of their local community.

How will you be able to help me ?
We teach people who speak English as their second language how to pronounce all of the English Speech Sounds.  We do this by teaching you where to place your tongue, position your lips and cheeks like native English speakers do, so you can produce the correct sounds necessary for clear English speech.  The development of these skills is critical, as many of these sounds may not exist in your first language.

What difference will this make ?
It will improve your ability to communicate effectively in English.  Other people will be able to understand what you are saying.

You will not have to continuously repeat yourself in conversations and misunderstandings will be reduced.

It will improve your understanding of spoken English and make it easier to listen to people speaking English at work, at university and in your social life.

You will feel a lot more confident when you are speaking English.

How long will it take ?
It can take as little as 5 x 1 hour sessions providing you practice for at least 20 minutes every day to strengthen and gain the flexibility in your mouth muscles.  The time it takes is influenced by your age, current ability in English and your country of origin. Some languages have similar sounds to the English language; some languages have no sounds which exist in the English language.  We work with clients that have had minimal speaking and listening experience in English as well as those who have been speaking English for many years.

How much will it cost ?
Please refer to our Services and Pricing Page.

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