“I can't speak too highly of the professional competence of Sue Davis. Over a period of about 5 years, she individually coached a number of my lecturing staff for whom English is a second language and the turnaround in student evaluations of their lecturing was amazing. So we ended up with very satisfied students and staff. She also ran for us a number of English pronunciation classes for international students and the feedback from the students was also very complimentary. Sue is a true professional in her field and I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring English pronunciation training.” Professor Barry J Cooper, Associate Dean (Industry Engagement and Partnerships) at Deakin Business School

“Sue's expertise supporting our international doctors English pronunciation has delivered noticeable improvements for referred doctors over a number of years. She provides excellent support and she has great rapport with doctors we refer. ” Peter Naughton, Manager Medical Workforce Unit at Peninsula Health

“Sue Davis is an excellent speech professional with a great heart. Her work as the pronunciation specialist at migrant communication courses over the past few years has yielded impressive results, with many reporting an improvement to their life and job prospects as a result of the course.

Apart from her obvious professional ability, Sue is eager to go the second mile with her students and provide far more value to their quest for improved English communication skills than is required by the class requirements.

I have no hesitation in recommending her for any project she chooses to undertake.”
Norman Gale, Director, Community Services at The Salvation Army

Do you have staff members who need to improve their English speaking and communication skills within the work environment?

Australian Accent And Pronunciation specialises in teaching English Pronunciation and Workplace English Language skills to medical professionals, university lecturers and individuals from various business sectors who are from non-English speaking backgrounds to ensure they can:

       • Speak English clearly and confidently
       • Achieve correct pronunciation to enable effective communication
       • Be more easily understood by colleagues, clients or patients
       • Pronounce discipline or industry-specific vocabulary correctly
       • Improve their listening skills
       • Improve public speaking, lecturing and presentation skills and
       • Develop an English Language rhythm and intonation.

Do you face problems such as:

“We know we have highly qualified, professional doctors working for us, but we are concerned about the chance of them being misunderstood by consultants, nurses and or patients and their families.
“Students complain that they can’t understand some of our lecturers. We know they have a lot to offer our university, but it is a problem for us”

Pronunciation is one of the most difficult areas for learners of English to self-teach.  There is a significant skill component.  Pronunciation is not just a cognitive “knowing-that”, it is also a physical “knowing-how”.  Learners need specific instruction and time to practice speaking.

Australian Accent And Pronunciation can help. We work with people who understand written English yet still struggle to listen and be understood. Typically universities, hospitals and businesses come to us for help when their employees find that their English pronunciation is creating problems in their workplace.

Many people who speak English as a second language have worked very hard to learn English. It is likely they have also attended many courses to improve their English, yet problems remain and effective communication in English is not achieved.

In addition to correcting our clients’ English pronunciation, skills such as the use of appropriate speed of speech, tone, voice projection, sentence stress and pausing are incorporated within our training programs to facilitate the development of effective communication.

Australian Accent And Pronunciation can help you to fix these English pronunciation and effective communication problems permanently.